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3.0 MegaWattBlock ®Hybrid

Combining photovoltaics, energy storage and

fuel-based power generation in one AC unit

Independent energy production 24/7

Scalable power generation in 2.000kVA steps



01.06.2015 - Nuremberg/ Leverkusen, Germany: The ability to produce organic photovoltaic (OPV) products in various shapes and colors has been illustrated by BELECTRIC OPV at the German Pavilion at the International EXPO in Milan, Italy. The la...
18.05.2015 - Kolitzheim/İstanbul: On April 29th 2015, BELECTRIC KULOĞLU GÜNEŞ ELEKTRİK SANTRALLARI TEKNOLOJİSİ A.Ş., the joint venture partner of BELECTRIC in Turkey, has tendered successfully the single largest ground-mounted solar power proj...
13.05.2015 - Berlin/Kolitzheim: The costs involved in generating solar electricity have fallen sharply over the past few years thanks to the constant progress being made toward higher and higher voltage levels. BELECTRIC has used efficient 1,5...